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Management of the EAC
Hennadii Pampukha


Hennadii Pampukha is an international arbitor, professional lawyer, leading expert in the field of commercial arbitration and mediation, judicial expert in the field of  electrical expertise.
He is co-founder and president of the European Arbitration Chamber, co-founder and member of the Board of the I.D.C. Investment Consulting Center. (Poland).
He is the author of more than seventy scientific and analytical articles in the field of international arbitration, mediation, expertise, alternative methods of dispute settlement, legal and political reforms.

Johan Billiet

President of the ICAC under the EAC

Johan Billiet is the president of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamberfrequently acts in international arbitration proceedings. He’s also lectures dispute resolution at the Brussels VUB University.
Johan is the author of many different books and articles concerning distribution law, company law, contract law and alternative dispute resolution.