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The International Commercial Arbitration Court under the International non-profit association "European Arbitration Chamber" (hereinafter referred to as the ICAC under the EACh) is an independent permanent arbitration court, operating under the Articles 1676-1723 of the Belgian Judicial Code, Statute of the European Arbitration Chamber and its Rules.

Principles of the ICAC under the EAC:

  • maximum optimization and acceleration of process of dispute resolution;
  • professional experience and availability of multi-national arbitrators (from more than 30 countries around the world);
  • optimal terms of arbitration proceedings;
  • working efficiency of the Secretariat of the ICAC;
  • optimal fixed amount of the arbitration fee;
  • complete confidentiality of arbitration proceedings;
  • parties' autonomy concerning language and law;
  • technical and intellectual support of the International Centre of ADR and Judicial Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber, which gives possibility to appoint and conduct all kinds of judicial expert examinations and possibility of involvement of experts from all over the world;
  • availability of supporting services such as translation, IT-services, premises of place of arbitration.

Features of the ICAC under the EAC:

  • location of the central secretariat of the ICAC under the EAC in Brussels (Belgium) - the geopolitical center of the European Union;
  • the presence of a wide network of representative offices of the European Arbitration Chamber in the world that provides easy access to arbitration;
  • Applicable Belgian procedural law in the field of arbitration;
  • the ICAC under the EAC cooperates and appoints experts of the International Centre for ADR and Judicial Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber, which allows to resolve the most complicated disputes and to appoint complex and international commission expert examinations conducted by judicial experts from the Single International Expert Register under the European Arbitration Chamber;
  • leading experts in the field of international arbitration from around the world, who are experienced in the field of international law, finance, economy, insurance industry, energy, construction, agriculture and other sectors of business are accredited in the ICAC under the EAC.