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Workshop "Innovations of computer expertise in modern life"
Jan 28 2016
Dear colleagues, we have a pleasure to invite you to start the new year with interesting and relevant workshop  "Use of innovations of computer expertise in modern life" 
The event will be hosted by the European Arbitration Chamber.
In the modern era of so-called "information society" we are all witnesses of the rapid development of intellectual activity. In our everyday lives long ago firmly established concepts such as computer software and the Internet, affecting all spheres of life, including civil relations.
However, the latest developments in the field of computer technology inevitably associated with the emergence of cyber-threats, violation of rights, including copyright, in the Internet. In addition, currently a lot of lawsiuts arises, where the main evidence is a database, computer media and software.
The seminar will raise the following issues:
1. Computer expertise: principal features of digital evidence and certain aspects of information security.
2. The search and seizure of computer equipment and media.
3. Review of computer technology and media.
4. Preparation of materials and an examination in disputes about the quality of the product.
5. Opportunities of fixing of materials published in the Internet network.
6. Computer-phonoscope research.
Each participant of the seminar will receive a certificate.
Jan. 28th  from 10:00 to 14:00.
Email: secretary@chea-taic.be