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Oman Hosts Forum on E-arbitration, Signing Contracts and Settling Disputes via the Internet
Aug 03 2010

Oman (Salalah) - Deliberations of the 15th Salalah Forum on "E-arbitration, Signing Contracts and Settling Disputes via the Internet" was opened at Salalah Hilton Hotel on the 1st of August in the presence of a number of officials from the governmental and private sectors in the Governorate of Dhofar. The forum is organized by the AGCC Commercial Arbitration Centre in conjunction with Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) branch in the Governorate of Dhofar and lasts for four days.

Amer bin Ahmed al A'mri, OCCI Board's member and Head of OCCI Salalah branch gave a speech highlighting the importance of the summer programmes of the forum, which is being held for the 15th consecutive time and attracting the top specialists in the field of the commercial arbitration, such as, experts, lawyers, legal accountants, arbitrators, judges of commercial disputes, academics and researchers in the legal departments in the governmental and private sectors.

He added that the forum comes in consistence with the policies of member states and federations of commerce and industry chambers after the great role of the e-commerce in the modern trade, pointing out that the forum emphasizes the concept of e-commerce and its fields, applications, markets, laws and regulations that govern it when there are disputes between the parties.

It was also pointed out that the forum this year touches on e-arbitration or remote arbitration, which has been commonly dealt with as a successful mean that saves time, effort and money in the management of arbitrary case. The modern technology and advanced communication means avail an appropriate atmosphere for remote arbitration without the necessity for parties of arbitration to meet at one table in a locked office.

The forum's programme includes a number of theoretical lectures, practical applications in the e-arbitration field, modern means of contracting, appropriate skills to draft contracting commitments in the Internet, training on how to draft e-arbitration agreements in the light of New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, in addition to, familiarizing with e-arbitration, its advantages and disadvantages, e-arbitration procedures and how to enforce their provisions.

Organizing the forum comes as part of educational and training programmes that the AGCC Commercial Arbitration Centre is keen to implement to develop capacities and skills of arbitrators and specialists in a number of fields.