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International Centre of Judicial and ADR Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber (hereinafter - the "ICJE") operates as a separate department of the European Arbitration Chamber (hereinafter  - "the EAC") on the basis of Statute of the EAC and its Provisions.

Goals and objectives:

  • optimization of process of appointment and conducting of judicial expertise and expert examinations by experts and expert commissions from different countries in the pre-trial (pre-arbitral) proceedings and during court/arbitration proceedings and investigation;
  • conducting of expert examination as an alternative method of dispute resolution upon the application of lawyers, attorneys, businessmen, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals with further reconciliation of the parties on the basis of the Law of the Kingdom of Belgium on Judicial experts dd. 15.01.2010 (paragraph 962-991);
  • developing and providing of broad global international and national decisions (studies) on the requests of administrative and public bodies;
  • certified advanced training courses for experts from various countries, devoted to expertise and the ADR system, as well as consulting and information support of experts.
  • scientific and methodological research on expertise, as an instrument of alternative dispute resolution and the subsequent development of universal methodological recommendations on appointment and conducting of judicial and ADR expert examinations for the state judicial authorities, international commercial arbitration courts, bar associations, business associations and other organizations which may require expert examination.
  • development of relevant laws and regulations, international harmonization of methodologies of conducting of professional exert examinations on various specialties.
  • the functioning of the single European call center for providing of exert  advice to the subjects of appointment of expert examination concerning  correct formulation of questions for expertise.

 (Extracts from the Provisions of the Judicial and ADR Expertise under the INA “European Arbitration Chamber”)