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Competence of ICJE

 ICJE conducts expert examinations:

  • by order of international commercial court without jurisdictional limits;
  • to rulings of state courts of first and appellate instances without jurisdictional limits;
  • by order of investigation or law enforcement agencies;
  • at the request of a lawyer, legal entities or individuals;
  • based on other legal grounds.

In order to resolve conflict between the parties on the phase of  pre-trial (pre-arbitral) proceedings ICJE fully takes a part and contributes to reconciliation between the parties as mediator, as well as by request of one of the party it may settle the dispute as an arbitrator or arbitrators board, using the Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber and its Provision on arbitration fees and costs.

(Extracts from the Provisions of the Judicial and ADR Expertise under the INA “European Arbitration Chamber”)