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Resolution of dispute by means of ADR system

If parties apply for ICJE not only for conducting of exert examination (expertise), but also for further resolution of the dispute on the phase of pre-trial proceedings by means of ADR system, the parties have to conclude a separate agreement on the basis of the EAC recommendations.

This agreement has to define  procedure of settlement of the dispute (quantitative / personal composition of the arbitration court, the place of arbitration proceedings, its language and the applicable law). The parties may delegate to determine all or some of these questions to the management of the European Arbitration Chamber.

The amount of arbitration and other charges, in this case, is defined and agreed with the parties by the Secretariat of the European Arbitration Chamber.  The Secretariat of the EAC issues notification about its decision concerning this issue.

(Extracts from the Provisions of the Judicial and ADR Expertise under the INA “European Arbitration Chamber”)