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V International Competition on Commercial Arbitration
Jun 01 2017

 The European Arbitration Chamber proudly continues its educational and social initiative and invites students of law faculties to take part in the moot court competition - the 5th International Competition on Commercial Arbitration!

Participation in this educational project gives students a real opportunity to develop professional skills and apply theoretical knowledge gained in universities on international law in practice.

The competition was founded by the European Arbitration Chamber in 2011. Now this is a popular and prestigious moot court competition in Ukraine and countries of Western, Central and South-Eastern Europe. Annually students' teams representing in this competition more than 20 universities of Ukraine and Europe.

The mission of the educational project is to raise the qualification and professional level of legal services market, and also to promote students' practical skills in international commercial law, arbitration, mediation, international relations.



The participants of the contest will be able to complete an internship in leading law firms in Europe and the world, which will allow them to deepen their knowledge, as well as improve their professional qualifications. The certificates for the internship will be presented to the best speakers, in the opinion of the judges of the competition, in the framework of the moot court and the final round of the competition.

 Education abroad

The participants of the competition will receive an opportunity to participate in international educational exchange programs.


The competition is based on the model of consideration in international arbitration (under the Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber) and is held in English.

The competition will be held in two stages, including preparation of memoranda and oral debates. Dates - from December 2017 to March 2018.

Applications (an official letter from the university letter signed by an authorized person and Application form) are accepted by the Organizing Committee until November 21, 2017 inclusive by the address:

04212, Kyiv, ul. Marshal Timoshenko, 21, building 3, office 7


1. Scan-copy of the official letter from the university (signed by the authorized person)

2. The application form (in Word format) - DOWNLOAD!

must also be sent to the e-mail: secretary@chea-taic.be

 For more information please call:

+38 044 581 30 80, +38 067 5555 222, +38 050 360 16 82

 DOWNLOAD - The Rules of the V International Competition on Commercial Arbitration 2017-2018.

DOWNLOAD - Application form