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IV International Competition on Commercial Arbitration

For the attention of students! Do not miss the opportunity to declare yourself as a promising specialist in the field of international arbitration and law and to gain invaluable practical experience and push forward to professional success!

December 9th 2016 starts the IV International Competition on Commercial Arbitration among student teams from over 15 countries. This year the competition finals will be held in Warsaw (Poland).

The competition was founded by the International non-profit association “European Arbitration Chamber” in 2011. Now it is a popular and prestigious contest in international law debates in the countries of Western, Central and Southeast Europe. Student teams from more than 20 European universities participate in this competition every year.

A mission of this educational project is to increase the level of qualification and professionalism of participants in the legal services market, and promote the development of students’ practical skills in the field of international commercial law, arbitration, mediation, economics, international relations, and so on.


Use of expertis. In contrast to other contests in legal debate, a prerequisite for the teams will be to use expertise to prove their rightness in legal debate.

Training. The participants will undergo training in the leading law firms in Europe and the world, which will enable them to deepen their knowledge and improve their professional qualifications.

Education abroad. The participants will get the necessary knowledge and will be encouraged to participate in international exchange programs.

Not only lawyers! Since competition tasks cover different business areas, not only law students are invited to participate in the competition, but also students of international relations, economics, political science, sociology, international business, information technology, and so on.


The competition is based on the model of proceedings in international arbitration (Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber) and is held in English.

The competition will take place in two phases, which include remote participation (drafting memoranda) and face-to-face debate (team debate). The competition will be held from December 2016 to March 2017. The final of the competition, which is a verbal legal debate of teams, will be held in the city of Warsaw (Poland).

The winners have the opportunity to undergo training in the leading companies in Europe and the world, which will enable them to gain practical experience in their chosen profession, increase legal qualifications and lay a solid foundation for future employment.

The contest is free of charge.


  1. Positioning the University as an educational institution that produces only highly qualified personnel;
  2. Establishing contacts and professional relationships with international representatives;
  3. Raising the University rating;
  4. Positive experience in international competition, status and degree of participant;
  5. Participation in press conferences and round tables within projects of the International non-profit association “European Arbitration Chamber”;
  6. The ability to attract investors.

Presentation of the competition, delivery of tasks, and the drawing procedure will take place on December 15, 2016 in the city of Kyiv with the participation of dignitaries. The event will also include training for lawyers, advocates and students, which will be conducted by a lecturer who is a forensic expert and an international referee. The event will be a kind of preparation and master class for students before the most responsible task - a worthy representation of the University in the competition.

Applications from teams are accepted by the Organizing Committee till November 15th  2016 inclusive at the following address: 04212, Ukraine,  Kyiv, Marshal Tymoshenko street, 21, building 3, office 7.

A scan-copy of the application should be sent to: secretary@chea-taic.be

For more information call: +32 2 808 77 54, +38 044 581 30 80, +38 067 5555 222, +38 050 360 16 82.

 Application form - download!
Rules of the Competition - download!
 Contact Person - Kateryna Avramova