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About EAC

The European Arbitration Chamber the main goal of which is unification and development of the international arbitration in the Eastern and Western Europe has been founded on the initiative of the European Union. The professionals with a long-term experience in the field of  ADR and  international arbitration from Belgium, France and Ukraine have teamed up to found the European Arbitration Chamber. The international nonprofit association European Arbitration Chamber has been registered by the Belgium  Ministry of Justice (Direction Générale de la législation, Royaume de Belgique Service Public Fédéral Justice # 6/SN/15.677/S).

Membership in the European Arbitration Chamber is for individual persons only. The citizens of the EU and CIS-countries, Canada, USA and Asia who are professional lawyers, partners of the law firms, international arbitrators, judges, mediators,  businessmen, representatives of political quaters, scientists and public figures are the members of the European Arbitration Chamber.

The International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) has been established as an administrative facility of the European Arbitration Chamber. Itis an independent permanent Court of Arbitration, which operates under the Regulation and articles 1676-1723 of the The Belgian Judicial Code.

The address of the ICAC's secretariat is 146 Avenu Louise, B-1050 Brussels (Belgium).

ICAC under the EACh unites the leading experts in the sphere of the international arbitration from the Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, North America. It gives an opportunity to offer the most professional arbitrators who are keenly aware of legislative, state and economic peculiarities of the  different countries.

The European Arbitration Chamber is ruled by its President and the General Members' Meetings.