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EAC Management

Hennadii PAMPUKHA 


Since 2008, the President of the EAC is Hennadii Pampukha. He is also Vice-President of International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Court of Arbitration, international arbitrator, judicial expert certified by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, founding partner of the Expert Law Group "Independent Institute of Judicial Expertise" (Ukraine), Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian Chamber of Experts, Managing Partner of Attorney’s Association “Princip” (Ukraine), Board member of I.I.Expertise (Estonia).



President of the ICAC under the EAC

Since 2009, the President of the ICAC is Johan Billiet, an international arbitrator, mediator, lawyer at the Brussels Bar, founding partner of Billiet & Co., author of various books, including the manual of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) on the International Investment Arbitration.



The Head of International Center of Judicial and ADR Expertise

The head of ICJE is Sergey Zakharov (Czech Republic), certified court expert from 1994, a Partner in the ASN Expert Group (Czech Republic), honorary member of the Czech Chamber of Court Experts, member of the European Expertise & Expert Institute (France). Area of expertise - various traditional and ADR expert procedures in investment and construction projects.