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The goals of the  European Arbitration Chamber:


  • Unification of lawyers, attorneys, professionals in the field of the international Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), state judges, politicians and public figures from different countries to collaborate in order to embody the principle of the supremacy of law in governmental and public life, and to develop the legal profession (particularly in the field of the Arbitration and ADR), and also to assist in their informal communication;
  • Protection of its members' interests in state run public authorities of Ukraine, EU, foreign and international organizations;
  • Training and participation of delegations of the EACh-members in national and international Arbitration congresses and forums;
  • Communication and participation in the co-operative projects with international organizations, which goal is the unification of the world practice in the field of business, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);
  • Assistance , patronage and organization of arrangements which relate to the goal of the Association's formation;
  • Unification of the arbitration practice of the international Arbitration;
  • Creation of the new International Commercial Arbitration Court in order to adjudicate the international commercial disputes, which includes the best traditions of arbitration and arbitrators from the countries of CIS, EU.


Activity of the European Arbitration Chamber:

  1. Organization of the events on the international and national levels in the field of development of the international arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, mediation
  2. Information center. Accumulation and distribution of information from all countries of the world concerning development and functioning of the international arbitration institutions,  alternative dispute resolution, mediation
  3. Educational center. Organization of educational events (trainings, master-classes, on-line  education, summer schools) in the field of the international arbitration
  4. Advisory center concerning international Arbitration and ADR.
  5. Creation of the united partnership area for Members of the Chamber
  6. Functioning of the structural subdivision of the Chamber - the International Commercial Arbitration Court, which is an independent permanent arbitration court, operating under the Articles 1676-1723, The Belgian Judicial Code and the Rules.