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Two seminars during one day!
Mar 28 2016

On March 31st 2016 the European Arbitration Chamber will hold two exclusive workshops during one day for the lawyers, advocates, arbitrators, mediators. The event will allow listeners to get twice as much useful and interesting information in a short time!

SEMINAR 1: Merchandising expert examination as a new opportunity to defend rights of consumers.
Under this theme we will highlight the following questions:

  1. Determination of classifications and categories of goods, which are accepted in the sphere of production and trade.
  2. Determination of qualitative changes of marketable products.
  3. Determining the value of commercial products

SEMINAR 2: legal evidence establishing the facts and causes of fires
Under this theme will highlight the following questions:

  1. Where was the seat of the fire?
  2. In what ways did the fire spread?
  3. What was the most intense burning at the place of the object?

For more information about the seminar, as well as the conditions of participation please contact the Secretariat of the EAC: secretary@chea-taic.be