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Meeting of the Foreign Economic Affairs Committee

Dear Colleagues,

We have an honor to invite you to participate in the meeting of the Foreign Economic Affairs Committee (Foreign Economic Development Committee) will be held on September 7, 2017 at 15:00 in the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The meeting will be devoted to the development of economic cooperation with the Republic of Poland and the Kingdom of Belgium. The speaker of the meeting will be newly appointed Representative of the Kyiv CCI in Poland and Belgium Mr. Hennadii Pampukha and Executive Secretary of the EAC Ms. Ekaterina Avramova.

During the meeting, the following issues will be considered:

  1. Review of the economic relations between Ukraine, Poland and Belgium;
  2. Legal aspects of doing business with foreign counterparties;
  3. Practice of entering international markets, peculiarities of organization and business in the EU;
  4. Mechanisms of communication with Polish and Belgian entrepreneurs;
  5. Consulting and legal assistance in the purchase of real estate and investment objects by non-residents in Poland and Belgium;
  6. Legal support of Kyiv CCI’s  members in 33 jurisdictions worldwide;
  7. Alternative dispute resolution as instruments of business protection in the EU;
  8. Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in the EU;
  9. Options for supporting labor migrants and entrepreneurs from Ukraine in Poland and Belgium.

Applications for participation in the meeting of the Committee should be sent to the International Department of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry at ym@kiev-chsmber.org.ua or poludov@kiev-chamber.org.ua. for information: 044 482-04-34.

Venue: Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, street. B. Khmelnitsky, 55, conference hall, 8th floor.