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Webinar: "Property Rights in Visual Arts"
Aug 16 2020

On August 16, 2020, a webinar "Property Rights in Visual Arts" will be held by the European Arbitration Chamber in partnership with Law Net as part of the presentation of the Pangram art project.

What are we going to talk about?

Visual art is unique! Each work created by the Artist differs from each other in color, shape, style or idea.

Nowadays, visual art can be found everywhere - in museums, apartment rooms or even at city streets.

Painting and sculpture have long been the subject of active sales, auctions, but this has only increased the need to confirm ownership.

You can learn more about property rights, problems and new opportunities to solve them at the webinar "Property rights in the visual arts", which will take place as part of the Pangram Presentation. It is the innovative Pangram platform that introduces legal protection mechanisms that can be used online!

The webinar will bring together opinion leaders to update this issue:

  • Hennadii Pampukha - President of the European Arbitration Chamber, Belgium
  • Natalia Gnatyuk - managing partner of LAW NET, lawyer specializing in ArtLaw, arbitrator
  • Stella Benjaminova - a collector of contemporary art, founder of the Stedley Art Foundation.
  • Lisa Parola - curator of visual art.

Therefore, on August 16 at 17:30 join the webinar "Property rights in visual arts", which will highlight the latest opportunities and solutions.

The broadcast will take place on the YouTube channel:https://youtu.be/Jt_LCBvOYn4