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The press conference of the European Arbitration Chamber took place on March 2, 2009 in the press centre Liga Business Inform
Feb 25 2009

The subject of the press conference is "Is Ukraine and Ukrainian business prepared to defend their interests in international arbitrations under conditions of crisis".

Taking into account the increasing quantity of arbitration proceedings in international arbitration courts this press conference aims at showing the realities which Ukraine and representatives of Ukrainian business have been confronted with when defending their interests.

The following questions are to be discussed in the press conference:

- Practice of commercial arbitrations in the EU.

- What should representatives of business from CIS take into consideration when defending their interests in international arbitrations.

- Is there immunity of the country in international arbitrations?

- Problem of claims against Ukraine - what is to be expected?

- In what way are arbitration awards recognised and enforced in Ukraine.

- Foreign and Ukrainian businesses: are their forces equal.

- International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber: arbitration in the interface of East and West.


- Grace Avigdor - expert of European Commission, international arbitrator of CEPANI, ICAC (France).

- Gennadiy Pampukha - president of the European Arbitration Chamber (Belgium, Brussels).

- Irina Serova - member of the European Arbitration Chamber, doctor of juridical science (Kiev, Ukraine).

The press- conference begins at 11 o'clock.

Address: Kiev, Shamrylo street, 23, IA Liga Business Inform.

Preliminary accreditation for representatives of mass-media is obligatory!


For further information please contact :

- Anna Sydorenko  + 38 044 581 30 77, secretary@cea-taic.be

- Anastasia Polinkova : +38 044 541 18 38, +38 066 329 18 07, pr@ch.kiev.ua.