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The Round table discussion for Ukrainian Lawyers
Apr 09 2009

On April 3, 2009, in Kiev, the European Arbitration Chamber was initiator and co-organizer of the round table discussion  on the subject of : International arbitration, mediation and treteyskiys (arbitration) courts : outlooks and problems of development.

Partners and co-organizers of this event were Ukrainian Center of Mediation, Kyiv Mohyla Business School, the International Financial Corporation and  Treteyskaya Palata of Ukraine.

More than 60 representatives of Ukrainian law firms, international arbitrations, treteyskiys courts of Ukraine, government bodies; corporate lawyers.  In this event there were 3 sections, dedicated to system of  ADR, namely: international arbitration, national arbitration ( treteyskyis courts) and mediation. In  the section "international arbitration", which opened work of  this round table discussion, such speakers made speeches:

  • - Gennadiy Pampukha, President of the European Arbitration Chamber, made his speech on the subject of : Trends of development of international arbitrations in the countries of CIS and EU;
  • - Irina Serova, Executive Secretary of the European Arbitration Chamber, presented speech on the subject of : The importance of choice of place of arbitration by the example of Belgium practice;
  • - Yuliya Chernykh, lawyer of the International law group "Astapov lawyers", made her speech on the subject of : Aspects of enforcement and recognition of international arbitral awards in Ukraine;
  • - Nikita Nota, lawyer of the law firm " Spenser&Kauffmann", presented his speech on the subject of : Arbitration agreement: "Distribution of authorities of national courts and arbitration courts.

This event is one of a series of educational and informational initiatives of the European Arbitration Chamber in Ukraine. The next event on the subject of international arbitration will be held by the European Arbitration Chamber on May, 21, 2009. This First International Arbitration Forum, which takes place on May, 21, is carried out with the participation of representatives of UNCTAD and UNCITRAL, as well as with the participation of lawyers and arbitrators from France, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, countries of CIS, etc.