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On the 25th of June Gennady Pampukha has participated in the theoretical and practical conference «The alternative dispute resolution in the Russian legal system» devoted to the 10th anniversary of the journal " The arbitration".
Jul 06 2009

The main debating points of the conference were discussion of the tendencies, directions and achieved results of the development of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (АDR) in Russia, the basic problems and the ways of their overcoming and also assistance to the formation of the independent science-based Concept of the ADR development in Russia.

Among the organizators were: 

  • the editorial office of the all-Russian journal "The arbitration"; 
  • the law faculty of the Sankt-Petersburg State University; 
  • the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation; 
  • the Supreme Arbitration of the Russian Federation; 
  • the Russian Center of assistance to the arbitration; 
  • the Sankt-Petersburg branch of institute of the state and the law of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Federal Arbitration of North-West district, the 13th Appeal Arbitration, the Arbitration of Sankt-Petersburg and the Leningrad region have also taken part in the Conference.