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IV International Forum of Corporate Lawyers
Mar 22 2010

On the 5-6th of November there was held the IV International Forum of Corporate Lawyers 2009 in Kazakhstan.
The organizers and participants of the Forum perfectly managed with the task, namely, performed a mission which consisted in assistance to companies in the solution of the legal questions, creation of the platform for the discussion and dialog between state bodies, companies and legal firms in the solution of legal and business problems, and in the exchange of experience.
More than 150 lawyers traditionally participate in the event; they discussed the last changes in legislation, their interpretation and law enforcement practice concerning them, efficient cooperation with the administration, founders, investors and company divisions, state bodies, as well as considered questions of transaction support on merger and acquisition, on prevention of risks and on the emergency recovery. The President of the European arbitration chamber Gennady Pampukha was the moderator of the section “Commercial contracts and dispute settlement”.