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The annual General meeting of members of the EACh took place in Brussels on the 3rd of February.
Mar 30 2010

At the meeting there was a quorum, necessary for decision making. The following topics and questions were considered:

1)    The activity report of the President of the EACh for 2009, which in particular contains the information about 17 conferences, seminars and round tables, held in 5 FSU countries in the auspices or with the participation of the EAC. There were legally registered and opened two representative offices - in Ukraine and Georgia. The EACh and law and social organizations of Eastern Europe countries concluded a number of cooperation agreements and memorandums. The wok of the EACh was satisfied. The financial report was approved.

2)    Considering a question about changing the sum of the annual dues. It was decided not to change the sum of dues, but to give the preference to the students, willing to become the members of the EACh, in deferral of payment for a one year period.

3)    The questions about dismissal and assignment to position of the officials of the EACh and the ICAC under the EACh were considered. Concerning this at the general meeting there were made the following decisions:

-        Dismissal of Ms. Irina Serova (Ukraine) from the office of Executive secretary of the EACh, member of Council of the EACh.

-        Mr. Johan Billiet (Brussels, Belgium), President of Association of International Arbitration, well-known Belgian arbitrator, member of the EACh since December, 2008, was assigned to a vacant post of member of Council of the EACh.

-        For the purpose of increasing of popularity and improvement of systematization of work of the ICAC at the EACh there was decided to appoint the new President of the ICAC underthe EACh. Mr. Johan Billiet (Brussels, Belgium) was assigned to this position for the period of one year.

-        Mr. Yuri Kogut, member of Council of the EACh since 2009, was assigned to the position of Vice-President of the EAC.

-        The new list of full members of the EACh was affirmed at the general meeting.

In this way, the new structure of Council of the Association is as follows:

President of the EACh - Mr. Gennadiy Pampukha (Ukraine).

Vice-President of the EACh - Mr. Yuri Kogut (Ukraine).

Member of Council of the Association, President of the ICAC under the EACh - Mr. Johan Billiet (Belgium).

We congratulate the new and newly-appointed members of the EACh, wish them fruitful and effective work in 2010.

The nominees, heading the directions of the EACh activity, were also considered:

-        Ms. Grace Avigdor (France), international arbitrator, attorney-at-law, parliamentary attaché of the European Parliament, was assigned to the position of the head of the department of development of the School of European law as well as the associated member of Council of the Association.

-        Mr. Christian Gessl (Austria) was assigned to the position of the head of the strategy of regional development as well as the associated member of Council of the Association.

The question about introduction of changes into the Statute of the EACh was considered. The changes were confirmed and sent for the registration.

Those present confirmed the strategic project of development of the European arbitration chamber for 2010.