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Securities arbitration
Jun 21 2010

Konstantin Pilkov, Associate Partner at Lavrynovych and Partners Law firm, member of the European arbitration chamber, arbitrator of the ICAC under the EACh participated in a roundtable discussion on "Ensuring conditions for effective regulation, self-regulation and protection of the interests of the securities trade industry" that took place on 18th June 2010. The event, organized by the PFTS Association, attended by the Chairman and members of the Securities Commission, the heads of self-regulatory organizations and the leading players of Ukrainian stock market.
Konstantin Pilkov, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Arbitration Court at PFTS, highlighted the organization and practice of securities arbitration and discussed with participants the experience of the arbitration in the securities market in foreign countries.
"Since the introduction of legislative restrictions of competence of arbitration courts, there is a base for the establishment and strengthening of professional arbitration in the stock market of Ukraine", - said Konstantin Pilkov.