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RosUkrEnergo is trying to legalize Stockholm arbitration award
Aug 06 2010

RosUkrEnergo is secretly trying to legalize Stockholm arbitration award on the returning of twelve billion cubic meters of gas.

This was reported by Sergej Vlasenko at the press-conference. "We have learned that on July 19 RosUkrEnergo secretly, for some reasons they don't want to do this publicly, filed a lawsuit to the Shevchenko district court of Kiev for the enforcement of the Stockholm arbitration award", - he said.

On lawyer's opinion, "the government will do nothing to protect Ukrainian interests before the private structure". He cites the similar example of Russia when the Swiss company won $1,4 billion at Stockholm court, but despite the lawsuits, had not received them yet because of the officials' position who protected the public interests. Vlasenko noted that Ukrainian courts should go the same way.

Dozens of citizens have been registered at the Shevchenko district court of Kiev wishing to act as a third party in consideration the issue regarding the enforcement of court decision.

"I am convinced that the court must draw all those who apply to the consideration of this case, since the decision of the Stockholm arbitration violated the rights of the Ukrainians", - Vlasenko said.