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Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum
Oct 22 2010

Gennadiy Pampukha, the President of the European arbitration chamber, participated in the 3rd international annual Adam Smith Conferences' Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum that was held in the InterContinental Hotel (Kiev, Ukraine) on October 19-20, 2010.

The 2010 forum was a strategic event for all those who wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the potential of the Ukrainian market offers - a consistently high growth emerging market. The participants of the Forum had the opportunity to benefit by hearing insights into the challenges and opportunities as a result of the latest healthcare reforms and companies' aspirations for steering the sector from mass generics production to innovation one.

There were the following highlights during the Forum:
Spotlight interview with Eugene Zaika, Country Manager, Nycomed, Ukraine & Moldova. This live interview offered a truly unique opportunity to hear in-depth insight into the strategic planning and direction of one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. Mr Zaika also shared his opinions on the prospects for further pharmaceutical market development in the short to medium term.
4 topical panel discussons:

  • Ceo panel debate "Future Scenarios for the Development of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Market".
  • Distribution and retail panel discussion "Choosing the Right Business Model for the Future".
  • Interactive panel discussion on: "Unfair Competition and Advertising - How to Comply with Current Regulatory Standards".
  • The pricing debate: Practical Aspects of Pricing Decisions in the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Market.

Case studies session "Operational and Strategic Portfolio Management", with analysis of the leading companies' product portfolio strategies for the region
Spotlight on healthcare funding and reimbursement: this session analyzed the major forces driving and hindering the development of a reimbursement system in Ukraine and present case studies of pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in other countries.