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Master Class of Larisa Kushinskaya
Oct 22 2010

"School of European law and arbitration" under the General Sponsorship of European arbitration chamber has started a series of lectures on topical issues in the field of human rights with the participation of well-known Ukrainian and foreign lawyers, judges, experts on human rights.

Due to the increasing number of international marriages the problem of children and mothers protection at divorce becomes pressing. The first event to address this problem was the master-class of Larisa Kushinskaya, Legal Expert of European Council (Strasbourg), Master of Laws on the theme "Protection of mothers and children rights in the event of termination of international marriages: international practice", which took place on November 19 in the conference hall of the European arbitration chamber's representative.

Key aspects of the lecture:

  1. The legal status of mother and child in the event of international marriage termination.
  2. Parents' rights for a child in case of divorce.
  3. Basic standards of children rights and their international legal regulation. Analysis of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and the problems of its implementation in national law.
  4. The problem of execution by national courts the judgments of other states in the field of children's rights.

The theme will be continued in the second master class "International Adoption: legal security, international and national practice".