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Serge Lazareff and Benoit Le Bars inform about the appointment of Caroline Duclercq
Nov 16 2010

Partners of the law firm "Lazareff Le Bars" Mr. Benoit Le Bars (member of the European arbitration chamber) and Mr. Serge Lazareff announced the appointment of Caroline Duclercq as "Of Counsel".

Since 2002, Caroline Duclercq has been working alongside Serge Lazareff on cases in which he acted as an arbitrator. On several occasions, Caroline performed the functions of the Secretary of the Tribunal. For the past year, Caroline has been personally involved as arbitrator, sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator, and also as counsel.

This appointment further illustrates and reinforces the firm's strong role in international arbitration, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), international trade law, and OHADA law.