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Master classes of Gennadiy Pampukha and Konstantin Pilkov
Dec 27 2010

School of European law and arbitration under support of the European arbitration chamber has begun a series of lectures on topical issues in the field of alternative dispute resolution as a part of School of arbitration.

The main task of the School of arbitration is the unification and development of international arbitration in relations between the countries of the world.

External dispute resolution in an increasingly globalized world economy is becoming quite an urgent issue not only for practitioners but also for the legal science. The available traditional methods of dispute resolution are not always effective. Along with the national judicial system in each developed country there is a possibility of alternative dispute resolution in civil and commercial law through a system of arbitration, arbitrators, magistrates' courts.

School of arbitration operates by the way of holding the monthly lectures, workshops, master classes and training of highly qualified specialists from Ukraine, Europe and United States.

The first event within the School of arbitration was master class of the President of European arbitration chamber Pampukha Gennadiy: "International arbitration as an independent institution of international law. The principles of applying, consideration and implementation of decisions of international tribunals" and Managing Partner, head of investment and arbitration practice of the Law firm «Cai & Lenard» Konstantin Pilkov "How to behave in an arbitration process? What tricks work and which ones harm?"

Master classes took place on December 9 at the National University of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.