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The EACh President visited the personal exhibition of the Crimean artist Veronica Shevchenko
Mar 30 2011

On March 25 the EACh President Gennadiy Pampukha has visited the presentation of the Crimean artist Veronica Shevchenko personal exhibition, which took place in Kiev University of Law of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

In 2007 Kiev University of Law and International Centre for legal issues of intellectual property under V. M. Koretsky Institute of state and law created the cultural-educational project "Intellectual property in Ukraine - art pearls for student's youth".

The distinguished peculiarity of the project is that it has been created directly for law students. The presentation of the personal exhibition "Artist's work - message to young generation" took place in the framework of the project. During three months the students of the University and others had an opportunity to see the beautiful still-life and landscapes on the paintings of the young Crimean artist Veronica Shevchuk.

The project idea is to hold next to artworks the meetings with legal experts in particular those who specialize in the protection of intellectual property.

The presentation was visited by the well-known lawyers, academics, representatives of different organizations in the field of intellectual property, artists, representatives of the diplomatic and foreign missions in Ukraine, representatives of state and executive authorities, art historians, and journalists.

Director of the "National Bar Association" - Oleg S. Palamarchuk Managing partner of the Law Firm «Cai & Lenard» - Konstantin Pilkov, the Third Secretary of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Ukraine - H. Kurbet, Rector of the European University - O. Tymoshenko, director of the Patent Law Agency "Brand Group" - I. Sysoyenko, the representatives of the Ukrainian Association of Women's Rugby - V. Britskin, S. Klyuzko and others were among the guests.

It should be noted that students and guests of the University highly praised the work of Veronica Shevchuk. The special gratitude was expressed to the Rector of the University, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine Yuri L. Boshitskiy for creating and organizing of this art project.