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Rule of law
May 26 2011

The general partner of the European arbitration chamber in Ukraine the Law Corporation "Princip" has successfully defended the rights and lawful interests of persons affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

The challenge of the LC "Princip" lawyers was to assign the clients a status of the affected of the Chernobyl accident as the state and local governments have ignored the legal rights and interests of "Chernobyl victims" stipulated by the law, illegally denying them to represent the benefits and compensation.

This year Ukraine commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Further away these terrible events are from us the easier and faster some government officials forget or do not want to remember and execute their duty entrusted to them by the state.

This case is a vivid example of the rule of law and it is unfortunate that the only way now to achieve the truth and protect the legitimate rights is using the professional lawyers' assistance.

Law Corporation "Princip" will continue to successfully defend the rights of socially vulnerable people realizing the social significance of human rights defender in a modern democratic society.