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The III International conference on insurance law
Jun 21 2011

On June 8, 2011 President of the European arbitration chamber Mr. Gennadiy Pampukha took an active part in the III International conference on insurance law organized by Business Strategy Centre "Perspektiva" jointly with the League of Insurance Companies of Ukraine, which was held in Kiev. Mr. Pampukha made a report "Protection of Ukrainian citizens' rights in labor migration.

The chairmen of insurance companies, underwriters, lawyers, adjusters, insurance brokers, assistance specialists and other participants of the insurance market took part in the Conference.

The main topics in the Conference were as follows:

  • Actual questions of the state regulation of insurance
  • The theoretical aspects of insurance law, foreign experience and practical questions of insurance at the stages:

- Underwriting

- Stipulating the conditions of an insurance agreement

- Assistance

- Recognition of the event to be an insurance event

- Appraisal of damage

- Payment and regress

  • Considering of prime examples of insurance events settlement for the period of 2009-2011
  • Review of practical experience of considering insurance disputes in the Superior Economic Court of Ukraine and Supreme Court of Ukraine

Other topics, including the questions of unification of insurance market definitions, regulation of insurance brokers' activity, interrelations "bank-client-insurance company", protection of insurance agreement parties' rights.