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Happy Birthday to the President of the European Arbitration Chamber!
Apr 02 2012

Happy Birthday to the President of the European Arbitration Chamber Gennady Pampukha!

Dear Gennady!
Take our heartiest congratulations on your birthday.
You are in the prime of life. Your purposefulness, high erudition, sensitivity and responsiveness, attention to people, readiness to help and to encourage with a good word - a worthy example to follow.
You have established yourself as a true lawyer, attorney and leading expert in the field of national and international arbitration. Large, ambitious person, you are the President of the European Arbitration Chamber, founder and director of Law Corporation "Princip", the President of the Ukrainian League of arbitration, the head of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. You’ve made a significant contribution to the establishment, development and adoption of European principles of justice in Ukraine.
It is difficult to overestimate your activity, aimed to raising of young legal generation. Thanks to your initiative National Competition on International Arbitration was held in Ukraine for the first time.
You are loving, attentive and caring father of three children, family man.
Dear Gennady, we wish you prosperity, creative success, luck and happiness!
Happy Birthday!

The staff of the European Arbitration Chamber.