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The EAC is 4 years old!
Dec 23 2012

On December 12th, 2012 it's been 4 years since the founding of the European Arbitration Chamber.
Despite such a young age, it has established itself as an organization that has united him leading lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, highly-experiences professionals in the field of arbitration.
Together we have made an outstanding contribution to the development of international law, arbitration and mediation.
Under the auspices of the EAC, as well as its participation, a number of international events took place. Much attention was paid to such an important issues as the introduction and development of modern educational programs in the field of international arbitration.
In November 2012 under the European Arbitration Chamber the International Center of forensic expertise was established, which will maintain a register of acting forensic experts from the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Presentation of the International Center of Forensic Expertise is scheduled for April 1st -2nd, 2013.
According to pre-approved program great work on the opening of the representative offices of the European Arbitration Chamber in post-Soviet countries, Eastern Europe and Asia was done. In addition, the EAC intends to open official representative offices in the USA, Korea, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic and Romania in 2013.
For the next year under the auspices of the EAC are scheduled a lot of events : EAC Moot Court 2013 (February-March) and International Investment Forum 'Euroinvest" in Prague (April 1st -2nd), as well as various round tables, training seminars, workshops and many other activities.
Congratulations to the members of the EAC, as well as all those who are somehow involved in its activities, with a significant date!
We sincerely wish you new achievements in the professional field, optimism, inexhaustible energy, health and personal well-being!