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EAC MOOT COURT 2013: And the winner is...
Mar 23 2013

The winner of the II National Competition on International Arbitration has been determined - it is the team of the Institute of International Relations.
According to the results of the Qualifying round eight teams received participated in the Semifinal oral debates, which took place at the Conference Hall of the Kiev National Economic University on March 14th. Each team presented its own version of the final arbitral award in the dispute arising out of an international contract of sale. Thus the teams  tried on not only the roles  of plaintiffs and defendants, but also the role of international arbitrators.
According to the results in the Semifinal debates of EAC Moot Court the teams of the Institute of International Relations and Kiev National Economic University reached Final of the completion. 
The contestants had only half a day to prepare for the ultimate showdown of the competition as the task for the Final was secret and the teams learned it only at the end of the penultimate competition day. Each team had to find legal grounds for refusing of enforcement of an arbitral award in Ukraine on the basis of the New York Convention 1958.
The Final of EAC Moot Court competition took place at the Hall of the Academic Council of Institute of International Relations. The guests were warmly welcomed by the President of the European Arbitration Chamber Gennady Pampukha, Chairman of the National Expert Commission of Ukraine on protection of public morals Vasyl Kostitsky, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations Alexander Biryukov, Dean of Faculty of Kyiv University of Law Marina Day, etc.
During the final oral debates, the participants showed a high level of professional skills, theoretical knowledge, skills of searching of precise strong arguments, the ability to quickly, accurately navigate in any situation, as well as excellent knowledge of English.
The arbitration panel, which judged the final debates, consisted of EAC's President Gennady Pampukha, the head of the EAC's representative office in Ukraine Konstantin Pilkov, managing partner of "AstapovLawyers" Andrey Astapov, founder of the "Bureau of reconciliation Iryna Kalinska" Iryna Kalinska, Advisor of "Sayenko Kharenko" Elena Perepelynskaing. According to the jury's scores, position and arguments of Institute of International Relations were stronger.
Thus, the team of Institute of International Relations became the winner of II National Competition on International Arbitration 2013.
All the participants were awarded special certificates and prizes.
Among the audience of Final debates were the student delegation from Opole University (Poland), who visited Kiev specifically for this contest. Polish students presented their Ukrainian colleagues presents and souvenirs.
At this event the official presentation of the student committee "Arbitrage Young People" under the European Arbitration Chamber, unites than 200 students from Europe. In his report, the head of the committee George Pampukha outlined the main goals and objectives of "Arbitrage Young People, namely - the organization of student educational projects in the field of international commercial arbitration and mediation for young people who are interested in their academic and personal development.