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EAC Conference and Annual General Meeting of EAC's members 2013
Apr 16 2013

On the April 1st in Tbilisi (Georgia) under the auspices of the European Arbitration Chamber international scientific practical conference "The place of arbitration in the legal systems of eastern Europe and the implementation of international conventions in the countries of the Council of Europe" took place. Co-organizer of the event was the Business Association of Georgia with the support of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

On the conference the official meeting between the representatives of EAC and the Minister of Justice of Georgia Thea Tsulukiani took place. During this meeting the issues of cooperation between the EAC’s members and their Georgian colleagues, as well as the further development and deepening of their relations in the field of international arbitration were discussed. The President of EAC Gennady Pampukha also met with a representative of the Parliament of Georgia Tina Khidasheli, the head of Business Association of Georgia Giorgi Chirakadze, Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee of the Parliament of Georgia David Onofrishvili.

On March 31st the Annual General Meeting of members of the European Arbitration Chamber took place in Tbilisi.
The participants summed up the work of the Chamber for the past year and identified its priorities for 2013 - 2014.

Some personnel changes in the governance structure of the Chamber were made.

Ikrambek Serjanov (Uzbekistan) was unanimously elected as the Vice-President of the EAC – from now on he will be responsible for supervision of EAC’s missions, training courses for arbitrators and the payment of membership fees. Johan Billiet (Belgium) was re-elected as Chairman of the ICAC under the EAC, Philippe Billiet (Belgium) was elected as Vice Chairman of the ICAC.  Tatiana Traino (Ukraine) was elected as a Head of the Committee on International Relations.
Participants of the meeting also elected the heads and approved the activities of the following committees of the EAC:
•         The Academic and Professional Development Committee - Grace Avigdor (France);
•         Arbitration Committee - Gennady Pampukha (Ukraine)
•         Membership and Ethics Committee - Ikrambek Serjanov (Uzbekistan);
•         Committee on International Relations - Tatiana Traino (Ukraine);
•         Committee on Mediation - Johan Billiet (Belgium);
•         Student Committee «Arbitrage Young People» - Georgii Pampukha (Poland);
•         International Centre of Legal Expertise - Sergey Zakharov (Russia).

Due to the fact that the International Commercial Arbitration Court has recently significantly increased its work, an important issue on the accreditation of arbitrators of ICAC under the EAC and their professional development was discussed at the meeting. In particular, the meeting approved the mechanism of accreditation of arbitrators of ICAC under the EAC.
From now on all members of the European Arbitration Chamber who applied for accreditation of arbitrator of ICAC have to take a 3-day Qualifying Course for international arbitrators "International Commercial Arbitration". The first such course will be held in July in Kiev. (The applications are accepted by EAC’s Secretariat by e-mail: secretary@chea-taic.be or by tel.: +38 044 581 30 80).
In addition the amendments to the Rules of the ICAC under the EAC were made. From now on the online dispute resolution is applicable in ICAC. New version of Provisions on arbitration fees and costs of the ICAC under EAC was adopted.
Summarizing the work of the Chamber during the last year, defining priorities for this and future years, the members of EAC determined the main objectives of the European Arbitration Chamber — the introduction and development of modern educational programs in the field of international arbitration, without which is impossible to train highly qualified lawyers, arbitrators. Thus, it was decided to undertake a course of lectures for students of European universities, devoted to international arbitration.
After two-year successful experience of the National Competition on International Arbitration among students of Ukrainian universities, it was decided to expand the boundaries of the above-mentioned competition - to engage in the number of participants students from Europe and the CIS.
The participants of the meeting also decided to conduct an educational visit for students and members of the committee «Arbitrage Young People» under the EAC to Brussels - Paris - Strasbourg, during which the excursions to the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament, the Palace of Justice, thematic lectures for students devoted to international law, arbitration and mediation to be held.
The issue of the opening of the official representative offices of EAC in Poland and Uzbekistan was also discussed on the Annual Meeting. Meeting approved a new Regulation for the EAC official representations in Europe and the world. Now it has items that require representation to popularize the EAC and the ICAC under the EAC, to attract new members to carry out various activities that would serve as a direct realization of the main goal of the EAC - in every possible way to promote and improve the system of alternative dispute resolution. Under the new Regulation on the representative offices of the EAC, it can be closed or reorganized if the obligations laid upon the representation, are not fulfilled.
The participants also approved the new members of the EAC and discussed the details of the International Arbitration Forum "Prague arbitration Autumn" to be held in October.
The leaders of the European Arbitration Chamber expressed its gratitude to all members of the EAC, who attended the Annual meeting for the effective work of fruitful cooperation, which is growing every year.