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Jun 19 2014

On June 19st 2014 European Arbitration Chamber held one-day qualifying course "International Commercial Arbitration", which was attended by members of the EAC from different countries.  Among the lecturers were high-experiences specialist from Belgium: the President of the European Arbitration Chamber Hennadii Pampukha, Chairman of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the EAC Johan Billiet, lawyer of ILG "AstapovLawyers" Anna Kombikova.
Participants of the first section of the course got acquainted with the peculiarities of international commercial arbitration and its difference from national courts. Anna Kombikova paid attention to the review of the activities of well-known arbitration institutions. She also spoke about international standards of arbitration, differences between institutional arbitration and arbitration ad hoc, features of arbitration procedure.
Johan Billiet described such an important aspects of the arbitration process as preparation of the statement of claim, formation of the tribunal, arbitration costs, conflicts of interest. In addition, J. Billiet revealed the essence of the alternative dispute resolution method, namely mediation.
The participants of the second section of the course focused on the features of settlement of commercial dispute in the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber. EAC’s President Gennady Pampukha, the speaker of this section, presented the activity of the ICAC under the EAC, as well as its advantages over other European arbitration institutions. "The flexibility and speed of arbitration proceedings, competitive rates of the arbitration fee and the availability of specialists of various fields from more than 30 countries around the world - these are the main advantages of the ICAC under the EAC," - said Mr. Pampukha. The participants got acquainted with the details of Rules the ICAC under the EAC, Provision of arbitration fees and cost of the ICAC under the EAC.