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Talk Forum of Business Leaders «Backstage of business leader. Reboot of the system
Nov 14 2013

We have an honor to invite you to take part in the Talk Forum of Business Leaders «Backstage of business leader. Reboot of the system". Business Forum will be host on December 12th, 2013 at 13.00.
Organizer - The European Arbitration Chamber
Format of the event - business performance.

During the stalemate of socio-economic processes, fierce of global competition, new challenges for the business leaders appears. Who is a modern leader today? Machine, devoid of feelings and designed to achieve goal by any means or a creative and positive thinking person, which is not alien to joys and frustrations? What qualities he needs in the daily work of the leadership? What he is dreaming about? How to find a balance between  business and family? The most successful leaders of the Ukrainian business will answer these questions and more in the mode of a talk forum!

Speakers of Talk Forum:
1. Gennady Pampukha (founder of the Corporation leaders , President the European Arbitration Chamber)
2 . Eugene Chernyak (owner, Global Spirits)
3 . Alexander Kardakov (owner, Inkom)
4 . Mark Tkachuk (gen.dir., IDS Group)
5 . Gebhard Rogenhofer (gen.dir., Syngenta)
6. Pyotr Chernyshev (gen.dir., Slavutich)
7. Oksana Kavitskaya (HelenMarlenGroup)
8. Neil Sturrock (gen.dir. Sandora)
9. Igor Crude (gen.dir., Metinvest)
10 . Maxim Timchenko (DTEK, gen.dir)
11. Lyudmila Sevryuk (OOO "Brocard")
12. Igor Kleiner (gen.dir., ZTR)
13. Alfiya Dzhumaeva (gen.dir., AES)
14. Clara Aysvirt (Puma Ukraine)
15. Lyudmila Nakonechnaya (gen.dir ., SUN InBev)
16. Julia Marishchuk (Allegro Group)
17. Alexander Kostenko (gen.dir., AIM)
18. Alexander Korzhikov (gen.dir. Alba)
19. Boris Markov (gen.dir., ATB - Market)
20. Irina Danilevskaya (Ukrainian Fashion Week)
21. Vitaly Basco (gen.dir., CPM)
22. Yanina Pavlenko (Factory of sparkling wines' a New World")
23. Michael Spector (gen.dir., VS Energy)
24. Vyacheslav Moskalevsky (gen.dir., Roshen)
25. Elena Voloshin'fInternational Finance Corporation (IFC)
26. Gerard Gallet (gen.dir., Auchan)
27. Andrei Nesterenko (gen.dir., Nissan Motors )
28. Andrew Kobylyakov  (gen.dir., DNVM )
29. Jacquot Boelen (gen.dir., Metro C & C )
30. Inna Katyuschenko (ID "Edipress Ukraine")
31. Lamprakis Lazos (gen.dir., Louis Dreyfus )
32. Natalia Sinelnik (Hipp )
33. Victor Povnitsa (gen.dir., Eco -Market)
34. Irina Prysiazhnyuk (gen.dir., Alfred C.Toepfer )
35. Oleg Loginov (gen.dir. Conti)
36. Ian Borden (gen.dir., McDonalds)

The most successful business leaders will share their secrets on the subject:

1. Who is a successful business leader? Ingredients for success in a stalemate economic environment. Psycho-emotional portrait of modern leader.
2. Personality of the leader and the brand of the company - is there a connection? Personal branding.
3. The social role of business leader.
4. Corporate social responsibility as a tool to increase profits. The influence of CSR on business development.
5. How to find a balance in the profession and personal life?
6. Where to find the inspiration to achieve the objectives?
7. Business axiom - connections are everything.

Media-art technology for realizing the potential of modern business leader will be used on the forum. Production of the business performance in the form of ballet show will emphasize the inner struggle of good and evil of the modern leader. During the forum professional artists will display the inner world of a business leader.

Participation in Talk-forum of business leaders will help you to:

get the current status of a forum of business leaders;
get invaluable business experience of successful leaders of business market;
expand and establish contacts with potential partners, customers, representatives of leading companies;
Develop internal resources and inner strength in order to achieve a balance between work and personal life;
find alternative ways to overcome common problems and resolve conflicts;
share personal experiences with members of the National business forum.

We invite you to become a Partner of and present your company within the current Ukrainian forum of business leaders.

Participation as a Partner of the forum gives you such opportunities:

  1. Current status of the partner -Ukrainian forum of business leaders with the right to mention the status in media.
  2. Placing the logo of the company, profile of the promotional materials for the media.
  3. Placement of promotional products companies in batches current participants of the Ukrainian forum of business leaders.
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  6. Placement of logo/banner of the Internet resources (project website, portals, blogs, forums, social networks, information resources, news feeds etc.) on the current  forum of business leaders.

To register as the participant of the Forum please fulfill online application:

or contact us via e-mail: secretary@chea-taic.be