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The International Conference took place in Lodz
May 21 2014

On 21st of May in Lodz city was hosted International conference "Protection of foreign investment in Poland and Polish investments in other countries by means of international arbitration, expertise, mediation", organized by the European arbitration chamber (Brussels, Belgium) with the support of the Investment Consulting Center I.D.C. and “Kancelaria Adwokacka Marcinkowski/Szymański/Trzeciak” (Łódź, Poland).

The main purpose of the international meeting in Lodz was the creation of a common platform for sharing experiences and innovations on issues of international business activities, pooling of interests and enhancement of dialogue between representatives of various Polish and EU areas of business and professionals in the field of international arbitration and mediation, forensic experts, with whose participation and help foreign investments are protected and conflicts and commercial disputes in business are resolved.

Among the lectures of the conference were well-known Belgian, Polish and Ukrainian experts of international law, in particular the President of the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium), a board member of the Investment Consulting Center I.D.C. Gennady Pampukha, President of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the EAC, international arbitrator, mediator Johan Billiet (Belgium), the head of the International Center of Expertise under the EAC, a certified court expert in the field of construction, Sergey Zakharov (Czech Republic), managing partner of law firm «Kancelaria Adwokacka Marcinkowski / Szymański / Trzeciak »Richard Marchinkovski (Poland), a board member of Investment Consulting Center I.D.C., advocate Igor Orlov (Ukraine).

The main theme of the conference were topical issues of international business development, its legal support and protection.

Conference was opened by the President of the EAC Gennady Pampukha, who, in particular, spoke about the commercial arbitration as an institution protection of international business and particularly its application in various branches of business, analyzed the latest global trends in these areas. Gennady Pampukha also focused on the features of adjustment of commercial disputes in the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the EAC. He outlined the principles of the ICAC under the EAC, as well as its advantages.

The head of the International Center of Expertise under the EAC Sergey Zakharov devoted to the topic of  forensic expertise and its legal position of the plaintiff in the court.

The President of the ICAC under the EAC Johan Billiet spoke about particulars of the Belgian procedural law in international arbitration and mediation. In his report, he also spoke about the Belgian practice of using mediation and reducing the cost of settlement procedures of dispute with it.

Managing partner «Kancelaria Adwokacka Marcinkowski / Szymański / Trzeciak» Ryszard Marcinkowski in his report spoke about the organizational and legal conditions and mechanisms of functioning of modern market relations in Poland.

The member of Board of Investment Consulting Center I.D.C., advocate Igor Orlov spoke about current conditions in the Ukrainian economy, end results of court and law-enforcement system reforms. He aslo told about potential opportunities and protection of foreign investments in Ukraine and post-Soviet states and about financial benefits and risks of investing in Ukraine and post-Soviet states.

In the framework of the conference the presentation of representative office of EAC in Lodz, Poland took place.