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The EAC will cooperate with the International Association of Exporting Companies (Villeneuve-Loubet, France)
Apr 25 2017


We are glad to inform you that the President of the European Arbitration Chamber Hennadii Pampukha by a special invitation from the International Association of Exporters Companies (AICE, Villeneuve-Loubet, France), will head the Department of International Commercial Arbitration and Expertise in this association.

The  agreement on partnership between the EAC and the International Association of Exporting Companies will allow EAC members to gain global support of their activity in foreign markets and ensure their access to international financial and investment resources.

Thanks to joint activities and cooperation with AICE, the European Arbitration Chamber will be able to help the EAC members even more effectively to find and develop the necessary business contacts, to take the business to international markets, to maintain contacts with key partners, to find and attract external financing for business, to ensure security of work with external markets at all levels.

Following these goals in October 2017 we are planning to conduct a large event in France, which will become a platform for exchange of experience and networking not only for representatives of arbitration, expertise and mediation, but also for business representatives.

In order for this event to be the most effective and relevant, we will be glad to receive from you proposals on topics related to the development of international economic relations and business protection that will be of interest to you for discussion in the framework of the conference.

Please send your questions, topics and suggestions to the mail: secretary@chea-taic.be before May 3, 2017.