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EAC presents the committee on international arbitration

On September 15th 2017 the presentation of the Committee on International Arbitration, which oversees the European Arbitration Chamber.

The presentation will take place within the framework of the Forum of the Association of Advocates of Ukraine "The Formula of Success: Standards of Advocacy".

The forum is dedicated to the organization and standards of advocacy, trends in the development of legal services, advocacy ethics, partnership and finances in law practice, the protection of lawyers' rights, and the development of advocacy in Ukraine.

  •     The date of carrying out: September 15, 2017
  •     Time: 09:00 - 18:00
  •     Location: IQ Business Center, 13 Bolshunovskaya Street, Kiev

What are we going to talk about?

  •     Trends in the legal services market
  •     Business in Ukraine - what should lawyers pay attention to?
  •     Non-standard view of advocacy
  •     Standards of advocacy - realities and prospects
  •     The human factor in communications
  •     Advertising of legal services through the prism of attorney ethics
  •     Reputation & Communication: How to survive in the modern world?
  •     Partnership and Finances in Law Practice
  •     Promotion of advocacy services
  •     Social network as an effective marketing tool
  •     Events for clients. What? Where? When?
  •     Effective relationship with the media
  •     Security lawyer
  •     Salvation drowning, the handiwork of the drowning?
  •     A search by a lawyer
  •     Psychology of lies or how to recognize fraud
  •     "Bugs" in the law office - help or hindrance?

Forum format

Without boring reports and monologues. Each speaker will share his practical experience and difficult decisions. The most meaningful performances, and, of course, a "live" discussion during each session. At the Forum, several quests will be held, during which we will examine practical cases from the practice of lawyers with the participation of those present.

We invite you to participate in the Forum! Details under the link: http://uaa.org.ua/events/6094/