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General Meeting of EAC members took place in Brussels
Feb 10 2020

On January 31, 2020, the General Meeting of the European Arbitration Chamber was held in Brussels. The event was attended by representatives of the EAC: arbitrators, experts, lawyers from 7 countries.

During the Meeting, the participants summarized the work done for 2018-2019, discussed a number of issues related to the daily activities of the European Arbitration Chamber, International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) and International Center of Judicial and ADR Expertise (ICJE), which operate under the EAC.

Speeches were made by the President of the EAC Hennadii Pampukha, President of ICAC Johan Billiet, Head of ICJE under EAC Sergey Zakharov, member of the EAC and ICAC new arbitrator in the field of art-disputes Natalia Gnatiuk, members of the EAC and arbitrators of ICAC Andrea Moja, Rasim Orujov and others. In particular, the EAC Meeting decided to approve the new edition of the Rules of ICAC, the Provisions on the accreditation of experts of ICJE and the certification of arbitrators of ICAC. During the Meeting, presentation of the project on the resolution of art disputes, expertise, authorization and authentication of art objects took place. The EAC meeting decided to establish a separate ICAC chamber for consideration of art and intellectual property disputes.

In addition, the priority area of the EAC for next years will be the expansion of its network of representative offices in the world. In particular, by decision of the Meeting, the EAC will work on opening of its official representative offices in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Meanwhile, a dialogue and cooperation in the field of commercial arbitration with the Gulf countries has a been established.

The EAC Meeting approved the new members of the Chamber, ICAC arbitrators and the ICJE experts; certificates were solemnly presented to them.

On behalf of the European Arbitration Chamber, we express our gratitude to all participants for the productive work and cooperation!