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Schedule for submission of written works
Jan 23 2017

Dear participants of the IV International Competition of Commercial Arbitration!

Written works should send an e-mail Organizing Committee: secretary@chea-taic.be

In the subject line shall be indicated: Memorandum of Claimant (Respondent) _team of [university]
The task, competition rules, the Rules of the ICAC under the EAC and Regulation on fees and expenses were sent to participants' email addresses.

For more information please contact us by telephone: +38 044 581 30 80 / +32 2 808 77 54 or e-mail: secretary@chea-taic.be

Kindly inform you about the deadline for submission of written works:

February 9th 2017, 23:59, EET

Submitting of Memorandum of Claimant

February 10th  2017, 23:59. EET

Teams receive  Memorandum of Claimant of team-opponent

March 2nd  2017,  23:59,  EET

Submitting of Memorandum of Respondent

March 3rd 2017 р, 23:59, EET

Teams receive  Memorandum of Respondent of team-opponent