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Participants of the competition will complete internship the best legal companies in Ukraine
Mar 20 2017

Oral debates of the IV INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION ON COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION starts on March 23th in Kyiv. This competition is traditionally held by the European Arbitration Chamber among students of law faculties of Ukrainian and foreign universities. The general partner of the competition this year is the Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs.

Participation in the competition gives students an opportunity to try on not only the role of legal advisers of companies, but also arbitrators. After all, within the framework of the competition, teams complete all stages of the arbitration process: from the preparation of memoranda, presenting its position during the oral debates in arbitration, drafting final arbitration award to the stage of its implementation or appeal.

Besides, the participants of the competition will have an opportunity to complete internship in leading Ukrainian and foreign law companies. Thus, the positions for internship of the contestants this year are ready to provide such companies as:

Completing of the internship, students may gain practical skills in the chosen profession, improve their legal qualifications and prepare themselves for future employment.

According to the results of the first stage of the contest 6 teams successfully passed to the next stage of the competition. Oral debates will be held on March 23rd  2017 in the Hall of the Academic Council of Institute of International Relations (venue: Kyiv, Melnikova street, 36/1).