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EAC Board meeting took place in Brussels
Oct 03 2019

The European Arbitration Chamber and the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the EAC expand their scope of activities. In particular, among the new priority areas is the consideration of commercial disputes related to objects of art / antiques / collectibles and intellectual property.

In this regard, in Brussels, the board of the European Arbitration Chamber held an official meeting with forensic experts specializing in conducting an art expertise regarding establishment of authenticity, date of creation and determination of the market value of art objects. The discussion was attended by EAC President Hennadii Pampukha, ICAC President Johan Billiet, EAC Executive Secretary Katarina Avramova and Director of Brussels Art Laboratory Patrick Laycock.

There was also a dialogue between the EAC board and the Belgian Association of Experts ABEX, which was attended by ABEX President Alain Coppe and Executive Secretary, Forensic Expert Pierre Fabeck.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on cooperation in the field of forensic expertise in the framework of arbitration proceedings.