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The three finalists were determined!
Mar 26 2017

The Qualifying Round of the IV International Competition on Commercial Arbitration took place in Kyiv. The moot court is held under the auspices of the European Arbitration Chamber. The general partners of the competition this year are the Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs and Cai & Lenard Law Firm.

Six Ukrainian universities competed for a place in the final of the competition in pairs, determined by the drawing as follows:

  • Ternopil National Economic University VS. Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University;
  • National University “Ostroh Academy” VS. National Academy of the Internal Affairs;
  • “Uzhhorod National University” VS. Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics;

According to the task of the competition participants had to  resolve an improvised dispute between the parties that arose on the basis of a contract of sale and which was a subject to consideration in the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber. During oral debates, all teams represented the plaintiff's and defendant's position in international arbitration, using their memorandums.

The competition jury evaluated the performance of contestants on such criteria as knowledge of law and its application to facts, the ability to answer questions, persuasiveness and oratorical art, as well as the manner of behavior before an arbitration court. In addition, points for written memorandums of the teams were also taken into account.  

Among the jury members were:


  • Konstantin Pilkov, (Managing Partner of the Cai and Lenard Law Firm)
  • Tatyana Lezhukh (partner of the law firm “Lezhukh and partners”)
  • Mykola Pavlov (President of the Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs)
  • Olga Degtyareva (judge of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv)
  • Evgen Boyarsky (lawyer of the international legal group "Eterna Law")
  • Evgen Zarudnev (Director of law company "ZILVER")



According to the results of the oral debates, three teams reached the final round:

  • Kiev National University of Trade and Economics (gained 37.8 points more than the opponent team)
  • National University Ostroh Academy (gained 19.7 points more than the opponent team)
  • Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (gained 13.6 points more than the opponent team)


In addition, the jury determined the best speakers of the contest day n each team:

  • Victoria Ivanyuk (Ternopil National Economic University)
  • Victoria Savochka (Ternopil National Economic University)
  • Lina Makarchuk (Institute of International Relations of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University)
  • Victoria Dubetskaya (National University "Ostroh Academy")
  • Rostislav Tyutyunnik (National Academy of Internal Affairs)
  • Mahama Khudu Gbagma (Kiev National University of Trade and Economics)
  • Taras Ilnitsky (Uzhgorod National University)

 The name of the winner will be announced on April 5, 2017.