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A tribute to Olha Pampukha...
Oct 24 2018

We are deeply saddened to announce that on October 21, 2018 at the age of 48 year of life Olha Pampukha, the Financial Commissioner of the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium), President of the International Women Expert Law Union (France), Managing Partner of the Independent Institute of Legal Expertise (Kyiv, Ukraine) has passed away.

Olha Pampukha was a bright, talented, kind and generous person, a role model for all of us.

She was an optimist, a true professional of her business, being full of ideas she was an author and soul of numerous projects in the field of jurisprudence, expertise, commercial arbitration, marketing and PR, she also has founded the international award for women - European Women Expert Awards.

Olga worked a lot with lawyers, experts, arbitrators and students in various educational projects, workshops, round tables and seminars. The project, which she was especially proud of, is the annual International Competition on Commercial Arbitration, thanks to which many students had the opportunity to complete internships at leading European law firms. Olha Pampukha paid a lot of attention to charity and corporate social responsibility, she took care of the children's center “In children’s arms”.

This beautiful, fragile, but strong-willed woman, the mother of three sons, did not spare either strength, energy, or time for the sake of all of her plans, and she certainly achieved success. She believed that you should always move, learn something new, grow spiritually and develop yourself as a personality. She was burning with ideas and  desire to do something meaningful that would allow at least a little to change the world. She was so inspired  with the project based on her initiative - the international award for women “European Women Expert Awards”.

Having traveled the world a lot, she nevertheless was infinitely in love with her city of childhood - Genichesk, in her native Sea of Azov. When she returned from a short stay at home, she certainly, happily smiled and told us about her parents, about her beloved sea, about her native land, and we understood that our Olha once again received a charge of cheerfulness, love of life, belief that her main achievements were still ahead.

She was extremely attentive to the team of the European Arbitration Chamber, she was always ready to help and cheer in a difficult moment. Every phone call, meeting with her was always a charge of energy!

We will never forget her smile, her ringing young laughter, her kind motherly warm instructions, her daily care for each of the employees - she was always ready to give her reliable shoulder, to cheer up in a difficult moment, to suggest how the best to solve a difficult situation.

Olha is an example of a woman of our time! A worthy woman, with a big heart, very kind and sympathetic, with a fine mental organization.

Olha had a lot of plans, but her life flight was tragically, suddenly and prematurely cut short - Olga died in the prime of life, at the very peak of her noble activity aimed at serving people and society. Bitter autumn flowers will fall at the head of her grave, and the cool air of October will be warmed with farewell words of love, appreciation, gratitude.

We will always remember Olha, to remember warmly and very kindly this wonderful woman - our colleague, our friend, our OLHA.

Eternal memory to you, Olga Leonidovna! We will never forget you!

We express sincere words of condolences to relatives and friends...

The memorial service for Olha Pampukha will take place on October 26, 2018 at 15:30 in the Temple of Nikolai Pritysk (Ukraine, Kyiv, 5-a Horyva strert).

The funeral dinner will be held in the restaurant "Scorpion" at 17:00 (Ukraine, Kyiv, Geroev Stalingrad str., 12-e).