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The Delegation of the EAC took part in the II Polish-Eastern Conference Lub-Invest

The Delegation of the European Arbitration Chamber took part in the II Polish-Eastern Conference Lub-Invest. This event is an important in the economic life of Ukraine and Poland. It was traditionally organized by the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Chamber in conjunction with the administration of the city of Lublin and the Lublin Voivodship.

II The Polish-Eastern Conference was international in nature, among guests were participants from Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

The conference program was developed on the basis of two thematic sections, one of which was for Polish participants "East - chances, opportunities and cooperation", and the second section was called "Poland - an attractive partner for investors from the East".

The conference also raised the top topic for Ukraine - a visa-free regime with the European Union.

  •     What prospects are open for Ukraine with the adoption of visa-free travel?
  •     How will this affect citizens who travel to neighboring Poland for work?
  •     Will there be positive consequences for the development of Ukrainian-Polish economic relations from visa-free travel and will this become a start for new Ukrainian-Polish business projects?

The President of the European Arbitration Chamber Hennadii Pampukha raised these issues related to labor migration Ukrainians to Poland.