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The European Arbitration Chamber conducted seminar in Kyiv
Jul 27 2017

The European Arbitration Chamber became a partner of the workshop "Peculiarities of the judicial process in civil proceedings". The speaker of the event was  judge of the Desniansky District Court of Kyiv Mrs. Valeriya Babko. The event was held in Kyiv on July 25th 2017. The organizer of the seminar was  EAC’s partner in Ukraine - "Independent Institute of Legal Expertise".

During the seminar, the lecturer and participants discussed such a difficult, but relevant topic for many Ukrainian citizens, namely, the division of spouses' property in divorce, as well as determining the place of residence of the child after the divorce between the parents.

Among the topics that Mrs. Babko disclosed, in particular, were issues of recognition of property as a common property of the spouses and separation of the new property of the spouses, the ownership of which was not registered.

In addition, Mrs. Babko told about foreign experience in resolving disputes on divorce and deciding with whom minor children may live after the divorce.

We are very pleased that the event aroused interest and excitement among lawyers and advocates. Traditionally, the participants actively asked questions and participated in the discussion.

The EAC expresses  its gratitude to Mrs. Babko for an interesting lecture, as well as to all participants - for the participation and friendly atmosphere at our event, which contributed to a productive professional dialogue.

Our next seminar will be held in the near future, stay tuned!