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The EAC celebrates 15th anniversary!
Dec 12 2023

Today, December 12, marks the 15th anniversary of the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium)!

The EAС was established in Belgium in 2008 through the collaborative effort of professionals from Belgium, France, and Ukraine. Its primary objective was the advancement and promotion of commercial arbitration, mediation, and expertise as effective alternative mechanisms for resolving commercial disputes.

At present, the European Arbitration Chamber unites arbitrators, mediators, experts, lawyers, attorneys, and business representatives from 33 jurisdictions worldwide.

Operated under the EAС, the International Commercial Arbitration Court and the International Center for Judicial and ADR Expertise actively provide businesses with effective tools to settle commercial disputes.

The EAC's scope of activities extends to educational initiatives. Notably, comprehensive qualification training programs have been designed for lawyers aspiring to become arbitrators, enhancing their professionalism and contributing to the growth of the alternative dispute resolution industry.

These fifteen years have been marked by significant professional achievements and widespread recognition! On behalf of the EAC Board, we extend our sincere gratitude to all our members, colleagues, and partners for the engaging and productive cooperation, which has been and continues to be a pivotal factor in our success! We are confident that new projects, achievements, and ongoing growth await us in the future.