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The 17th Annual International Conference “Construction and Real Estate: Expertise and Appraisal” was held in Prague
Dec 02 2019

The 17th annual international conference “Construction and Real Estate: Expertise and Appraisal” was held in Prague. Hennadii Pampukha, President of the European Arbitration Chamber, made a report on the features of the expertise of the causes of fire and its rapid development on the example of international complex commission expertise of children's camp in Odessa (Ukraine).

In his report, Hennadii Pampukha also focused on the need to optimize and unify the methods of conducting forensic examinations in the framework of court and arbitration proceedings in the EU countries.

This Conference is held since 2003 annually in Prague, Czech Republic. Today this Conference is the only one international experts meeting in the world, devoted to expertise in construction and mostly judicial expertise in construction, which is held on regular basis. During past conference meetings the Conference welcomed the participants from more than 50 countries. 

The organizers are ASN Expert Group, Chamber of  Judicial Experts of the Czech Republic with the support of the European Arbitration Chamber and the European Federation of European Associations EuroExpert.