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We stop any cooperation with Russian legal entities and individuals
Mar 03 2022

The international non-profit association "European Arbitration Chamber" (EAC) stops any cooperation with Russian legal entities and individuals, and also cancels the membership of Russian individuals in the European Arbitration Chamber and excludes them from the list of arbitrators of the International Commercial Arbitration Court under the EAC and the list of experts of the International Center for Judicial and ADR Expertise at the EAC.

Since February 24, 2022, the attention of the whole world has been riveted on Ukraine, which is heroically resisting Russian military aggression. We condemn the brutal actions of Russia aggressively attacking citizens and destroying infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine.

We call on international arbitration institutions and law firms to join us and cut ties with representatives of Russia unless they also condemn the war by publicly declaring their position and supporting Ukrainian resistance. This will be a great contribution of the global arbitration, expert and legal community to ending the war in Ukraine.