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Webinar: "Commercial Arbitration: Flexibility of Procedure - Enforceability"
Sep 07 2020

On behalf of the European Arbitration Chamber we are delighted to  invite you to take part in the webinar "Commercial Arbitration: Flexibility of Procedure - Enforceability", which will take place on September 17, 2020 at 3 p.m. CET (16:00 Kyiv time).


Modern foreign trade turnover of goods and services requires from its participants, first of all, efficiency, an important condition for which is the protection of the rights and interests of business entities and investors. For example, for an investor who first encounters the legal system of the counterparty's country, an important condition for the deal is the transparency of the mechanism of legal regulation of disputes and the confidence that a potential dispute will be considered objectively, efficiently, quickly, inexpensively and with the maximum guarantee of the enforcement of the court’s decision or arbitral award.

These are the advantages of international commercial arbitration. We will talk about its features, preparation for the arbitration process, arbitration procedure and enforcement of arbitral awards in the framework of webinar with opinion leaders:

- Hennadii Pampukha, President of the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium);
- Sergey Zakharov, Head of the International Center of Judicial and ADR Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber (Prague, Czech Republic);
- Rasim Orujov, international arbitrator, attorney (Dusseldorf, Germany);
- Ryszard Marcinkowski, international arbitrator, attorney (Lodz, Poland).


1. Why arbitration?

  • Commercial Arbitration Vs. Litigation in state courts: key features and advantages for the parties;
  • Where does arbitration begin: an arbitration clause or an arbitration agreement?
  • Initiation of arbitration: calculation of potential costs;
  • Flexibility of the arbitration procedure and the time frame of the arbitration;
  • Recommendations on parties’ choice of substantive law, language of the dispute, place of arbitration hearings;
  • Institutional arbitration or arbitration “ad hoc”?
  • The finality of the arbitral award and its enforceability in various jurisdictions. 

 2. Why ICAC under to the European Arbitration Chamber?

  • Features  of Belgian procedural law.
  • Arbitration Fee: fix rate or hourly fee? Comparative characteristics of the rates of arbitration fees in the key arbitrations of the world;
  • Consideration of international arbitration disputes during the pandemic: online procedure as a guarantee  not only of the personal safety of the parties, but also saving time & costs;
  • Assessment of issues, the explanation of which requires special knowledge, by arbitrators with special knowledge. DRB/DAB panels of experts to resolve disputes on FIDIC and ICC recommendations.

 3. Investment arbitration:

  • Applicable law to consideration of an investment dispute;
  • Enforcement of investment arbitration awards.

4. How to become an arbitrator?

  • Legal status of an arbitrator in international commercial arbitration;
  • Professional training and reputation of the arbitrator;
  • Certification of an arbitrator of International Commercial Arbitration Court under the European Arbitration Chamber;
  • Certification and accreditation of a judicial expert of the International Center of Judicial and ADR Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber.

The webinar will be of interest not only to practicing lawyers, but also to business representatives.

  • Date: September 17th 2020
  • TIme: 15:00 Brussels / 16:00 Kyiv

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